Bozonos Luxury Villa

Bozonos Luxury Villa
Bozonos Luxury Villa is synonymous to elegance for elite travelers from all over the world. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel relaxed and pampered in a secluded, peaceful environment of Zakynthos. It was built by its owners with particular care and respect to the history and the heritage of the island. The villa lies at a wonderful location, called Akrotiri, on a hill over the city of Zakynthos Town. The natural beauty of the landscape harmonizes perfectly with the exceptional high-standard hospitality in a place as familiar as home. With respect to the special architecture of the island, the villa is decorated with elegant antiques, Venetian 19th century furniture, gravures and furniture that combine delicate luxury and modern style. All individual verandas of the rooms provide a breathtaking view to the Ionian Sea, Cephalonia and Peloponnese. The villa is surrounded by many Mediterranean trees, flower-beds and beautiful scents. At the corner of the garden, under the sun there is a private swimming pool for moments of cool relaxation. The villa emits an intense romantic mood and is an excellent choice for those seeking relaxation and luxury in a place where history and nature are closely linked. Bozonos Luxury Villa has been established as a family villa, a romantic hideaway and a favorite honeymoon destination. Bozonos Luxury Villa is unquestionably one of the most attractive of Zakynthian destinations that guarantees delicate luxury ,combined with a fine island atmosphere. This beautiful Luxury Villa in Zakynthos, represents the most luxurious, dreamy escape in a Mediterranean setting beyond compare...
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